Improving Patient Care

Individuals with mobility limitations can develop painful and potentially deadly pressure ulcers after remaining in one position for too long. Sano Seat is an early warning monitoring system that prevents a person from sitting for too long by sending an alert to their caregiver

Pressure injuries are extremely harmful, expensive, and preventable. In the US there are an estimated 2.5 million patients with pressure ulcers each year leading to approximately 60,000 deaths. They can cause severe pain, infection, and temporary or permanent disability. Of those at risk of pressure ulcers, many are also dependent on caregivers to assist in their movements and those with cognitive or communication deficits may be at even higher risk due to sensory impairments and decreased ability to sense or indicate discomfort and needs to their caregivers. This is where we come in. Our solution is non-invasive, low power, low cost, and low maintenance

Quality of Life

Preserving Independence

Having a pressure ulcer can impact an individual’s quality of life in drastic ways. Quality of life in an individual with a pressure ulcer incorporates such variables as pain and suffering, the financial costs of healthcare, the strain on personal resources, and overall impact on one’s life and activities of daily living (ADLs)

Giving peace of mind

For family and friends, concerns about their loved one’s care can be a constant stress especially when they are not nearby. Our remote monitoring solution alleviates this worry, giving peace of mind to families

Quality Metric Delivery

Our connected device tracks each user’s position through sensors and delivers network transmissions so that users can be monitored from any remote location. Our system converts raw data to actionable metrics, available to view through our dashboard which can be adapted to single or multiple users based on the care setting. Users can track overall performance and improvements over time, leading to improved health outcomes. All user information is handled securely using private data storage best practices

Our Team

Rob Seaberg

Background in data analytics. Previously worked in healthcare for 7+ years, with several years of direct geriatric care including long term care and community environments

  Winnie Wu  

Has an MBA with 7+ years as a financial analyst at a food & beverage company, with a background in data analytics and specialty in web development